Chrono Break Cannon attached to Elle Ciel in Galaxy Angel

The Chrono Break Cannon (クロノ・ブレイク・キャノン?) is an extremely powerful energy cannon designed to be equipped and used only by the Elsior. It was the weapon that Tact and the Moon Angel Wing required to defeat the Black Moon but required them to return to Transbaal and to the White Moon. Shatoyarn explained that the Chrono Break Cannon was found deep inside the White Moon along with the Emblem Frames but was not attached to the Elsior's hull as the ship was more used for ceremonial purposes. It was used to destroy Eonia's flagship and later the Black Moon and was unattached from the Elsior after the war's end.

In the events of ML, the Chrono Break cannon is reattached to the Elsior after its resupply session to set out to confront the raider fleet's headquarters. It's firepower proved powerless against Nefuria's O-Gaub's shields but was able to deal the finishing blow when it was paired with the Field Canceler and the Unit 07.

The cannon and the Unit 07 were not separated after the fight with Nefuria and was stolen by Wein in the middle portions of EL. Wein's technology was able to force out the power of the Unit 07 and invoke its wings, allowing for the Chrono Break Cannon to fire. While crippling the Elsior, Tact and the crew were able to recover and defeated Wein at Juno, where Wein retreated. Later, the Unit 07 returned to Juno and detached the Chrono Break Cannon while the Emblem Frame itself was beyond recovery.

The cannon was eventually fixed and reattached to the Elsior and Noa used it as a basis for a new weapon, the Dual Chrono Break Cannon to be equipped to the new Luxiole. In ZR, the Elsior, commanded by Lester, arrived as backup to assist the Luxiole against Verel.

Weaker but faster charging versions of the Chrono Break Cannon called Chrono Break Blasters were used by the Moon Angel Troupe in the final battle of Galaxy Angel II Eigō Kaiki no Toki against Will, attached to the six ships the Moon Angels arrived in.

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