My name is Camus O. Laphroaig. Such a beautiful name. Isn't it just like an elegant wind blowing through space?

– Camus O. Laphroaig

Camus O. Laphroaig (カミュ・O・ラフロイグ) is the leader of the Hell Hounds mercenary band who allied himself and his team to Eonia's cause. He is the counterpart to Milfeulle.

Appearance Edit

Camus is a rather androgynous looking man with curly, light blue hair. He wears what seems to be a light set of armor with black and blue features that reach all the way down to his feet. He is constantly seen carrying a rose in his hands that match his "showy" personality.

Personality Edit

Camus acts as the leader of Hell Hounds but oddly enough, acts the most eccentric out of all of them. He speaks with a dramatic flare, emphasizes "beauty", and constantly tries to woo his counterpart Milfie at every opportunity. Even with his rather silly and overly flamboyant showcases of emotion, the Hell Hounds still consider him their leader which may suggest that Camus may actually have some sense of what he's doing.

History Edit

Camus is met along with Guinness in Chapter 2 where they act as a diversion to allow Vermouth's probes to infiltrate the Elsior. They make their presence known to the Elsior in the short skirmish while reappearing with their full team in Chapter 3. Camus makes an appearance in every subsequent encounter with the Hell Hounds.

In the final battle near Transbaal, Camus along with the rest of the Hell Hounds would be defeated and request for repair from the Black Moon. At this point, Noa would take control of their fighters and merge their minds with the Dark Angels, bringing out its latent abilities at the cost of their humanity.


  • Camus's first name is from a French brand of Cognac, called Camus, and his last name is from a type of Scotch whiskey called Laphroaig.
  • In the manga, Camus is considerably less silly and while retaining his "showoff" nature, he acts much more intimidating.