Cade-Xio are the carriers used in the Val-Fasq invasion fleets.

Gameplay Edit

The Cade-Xio carrier first appears as a key target in the mission where one of the Emblem Frames malfunctions and the objective requires its destruction before the Emblem Frame reaches its area. It is encountered again in the mission where the Elsior is damaged and the primary objective is to escape from the Val-Fasq fleet. Two carriers are present where one directly impedes the path of the Elsior while the other closes in on it. It is encountered again in the final mission alongside other ships.

As it is a carrier, it is accompanied by an assortment of fighters and generally one other large ship around it. By no means is it unarmed as it still has a respectable amount of firepower to damage anything that it comes near it. It's slow speed however makes it an easy target under focus fire but in the particular mission where the Elsior must retreat, it's long range weapons prove disastrously effective and it should be focused down before the Elsior comes into its range.