Brenda Glucini (ブレンダ・グリシーニ Burenda Gurishiini?) is a lieutenant assigned to the Luxiole. She is introduced early into the final game and is the designated shuttle pilot.


Brenda is a young woman of average build with a regular Luxiole crew member uniform with white, black, and gold motifs. She has curly blonde hair with a stray ahoge at the top of her head. She wears an accompanying skirt and a red tie.


In the short time she is seen, Brenda is a very casual person who shows some experience from her previous position in the EDEN military. She seems familiar with Tact's style of casual command which has apparently become a widespread phenomena among military personnel. That being said, she still shows an immediate (and panicked) response when she learns of Kazuya's rank as "Captain" of the Angel Wing where she asked for him to excuse her of her own carelessness.


Before becoming a 2nd lieutenant of the Luxiole, Brenda was previously enlisted in the EDEN military.

Brenda was the newly assigned Shuttle pilot met by Kazuya during his excursion through the ship to register the names of the ship's crew to the "What If" calculator given to the team by Ranpha. He meets Brenda inside the Simulation Room where he meets Brenda stepping out of the pod from a failed shuttle mission. She asks who he is in an informal tone and immediately apologizes for addressing him in such a manner after learning of his status. The two quickly agree to establish the casual work atmosphere Tact has made so famous and soon part ways.

She is the designated shuttle pilot for most of the team's excursions when they make planetfall.