The Barmell Cruiser is the standard powerhouse of both the Transbaal Empire Fleet and the Black Fleet.


As Enemies Edit

They are the second most numerous enemy in the trilogy as they are the basic cruisers that act as the tougher ship alongside the destroyers. Barmells however deal considerable damage and should be designated by tougher Emblem Frames.

As Allies Edit

The most crippling factor of the Barmells are their speed and paper-thin armor. However, the latter only matters in the first game as by ML and EL, Barmells have been made tougher and pack a considerable punch when put against similarly large ships. Likewise, they should avoid targeting fighters as they will be wasting their time and energy in aiming at targets that they will rarely hit.

They appear for the final time in GAII in the penultimate battle where they assist the Luxiole in making its final push against the Central Globe.

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Trivia Edit

  • 3 different models of the Barmell exist.
    • 1: The original Black Fleet version used by Eonia
    • 2: The second Black Fleet version used by Nefuria
    • 3: The allied version with lighter color scheme.