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The Astral Sorbet (アストラル・ソルベ Asutoraru Sorube?) is, like the Astral Parfait, a device-class warship belonging to the Will organization but controlled by Sorbet. It is confronted in EK after the Luxiole successfully saved the people of the Arms Alliance and Sorbet appeared personally to deal with the Rune Angel Wing.

Following the destruction of the Astral Parfait, the Astral Sorbet mostly retained most of its visual similarities to the Astral Parfait but sported a tougher shield that withstood the Dual Chrono Break Cannon. Instead of retreating, the Luxiole made use of its surroundings and feigned a retreat to test the Astral Sorbet's shields and after analyzing its capabilities, found that its main shield generator was placed at the very front, which allowed the shields to shrug off any frontal attacks. Using this knowledge, the Luxiole separated into two and equipped each half with a part of the Dual Chrono Break Cannon and was able to destroy the shield and the Astral Sorbet itself by firing from completely different angles.

As the Astral Sorbet is destroyed, a smaller, mobile ship emerged out of it still bearing the ship's signature cannon. Sorbet was audibly angered by the Astral Sorbet's destruction and released the Astral Sorbet's auxiliary guns and confronted the separated Luxiole on the new Divine Sorbet and its accompanied group of turrets.

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