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The Astral Parfait with the Luxiole in the foreground.

The Astral Parfait is the device-class ship controlled by Parfait, and was encountered inside the Infinite Corridor. Parfait demonstrated its power by destroying the flagship of Genievres Hatchet, one of the Three Marquis who "failed" their "tests" to see who was worthy of receiving the Will's technology. It was used against the Luxiole and the Rune Angel Wing in MK's final battle.

It's most powerful weapon was the enormous cannon situated at the very front of the vessel, the Celestial Cannon. It's considerable power completely annihilated Genievres's ship and could destroy an Emblem Frame and any other vehicle in a single shot. It also sported other armaments that fired a barrage of missiles that blanketed the battlefield. It's powerful shields were unable to withstand the Dual Chrono Break Cannon but required the cannon's fully charged shot that left the Luxiole defenseless. The Astral Parfait met its destruction at the hands of Roselle Mateus who rammed the Holy Blood into the hull of the Astral Parfait and released the Chrono String Engine, completely disintegrating it.