Areruia Will is the enormous, dual-linked flagship of the Will fleet. It is controlled by both Herea and Serena after the containment of the Central Globe's explosion. It is the final boss of the game in the final mission of the series.

Gameplay Edit

After Kazuya is reunited with his chosen Angel, the two gods of Will become enraged at how they have been stopped and decide to appear integrated to their warship to personally end their transgressors. The fully powered up Rune Angel Wing in their "winged" Emblem Frames are joined by the six members of the Moon Angel Wing onboard their separate battleships.

The Areruia Will is situated at the very back of an enormous line of ships but the buffed up Angel Wing can easily reach it while the Moon Angel Wing can deal with the smaller ships in front of it. The Areruia Will has an enormous amount of health points while it is frequently covered by a yellow shield up to absorb most of the damage. This shield can only be dispersed by a Hyper Weapon which should be readily available. The ship's most frightening ability would be its own special attack called the Divine Cross where 4 linear beams of energy will shoot across the screen and slowly rotate. Not only is this damaging to the already buffed Emblem Frames but the Luxiole can be caught in its attack as well. In the game's final moments, the ship glows with red energy to let loose an enormous Divine Cross while it is heavily shielded. Noa contacts Kazuya to explain that the most powerful shot from his chosen Angel's Emblem Frame will be able to deal the finishing blow.