Apprentice Magi are the common ships used in the Magiic Fleet.

Gameplay Edit

The Apprentice Magi are only seen through CG in their first appearances in Zettai Ryoiki no Tobira where they assist Tact in retaking Seldar and act as catalysts to artificially power the Chrono Gate to ABSOLUTE. During the conflict with the Three Marquis, Magiic's fleet in particular was made useless due to Genievres's magic inhibition. They are finally made into an allied unit during Chapter 6 of Eigou Kaiki where they are first utilized as non-combatant ships and formed a formation over the Magiic to quickly empower its fleets hindered by the Will's technology. They appear as allies in the penultimate mission of the game where a number of them enter ABSOLUTE to help the Luxiole retake the Central Globe. Compared to the much more powerful ships from Seldar and Transbaal, the Apprentice Magi's can at least handle themselves and their close proximity to the Seldar ships allow them to effectively fight past their side of the map.