Angel Wasshoi! (エンジェルわっしょい! Enjeru Wasshoi!?), is the ending theme song for Galaxy Angel Season 3.


Japanese Lyrics[1]Edit

HEY BOY What's up! エンジェル わっしょ~い!

ふわふわアチチッ ケーキ大バクハツ!(ドンマイ!)
今日の運勢なに? 晴れのち嵐!?(マジで~?)
悪のりサイコー! 退屈バイバイ(やっほー!)
こっそり! 知らんぷりで姑息な手段(神よ…。)

はっぴ~ ウッキ~ のーてんき!
お仕事です え~

#やーはっは 笑っちゃえ!
 ぷーんぷんぷん 怒っちゃえ!
 うっしっし~とやり逃げ おっとSAYアシカラズ(ヘイ!)
 えーんえんえん 泣きまね
 おーっほっほ 高笑い
 パ・パ・パとパラレル わっしょい☆パラダイス

HEY BOY What's up! エンジェル わっしょ~い!

頭うにうに バクハツ寸前(待った!)
イライラしたら ドカンと一発(サイコー!)
マズイ! そんなときもスマイルですわ(ですか。)

パッション ミッション ハイテンション

かーっかっか カラいばり
きゃーっはっは ゴキゲン!
くっるし~ときでも テッキトーにアルデンテ(ホイ!)
ピ・ピ・ピとアクセス どっきゅん☆快電波


この世で一番! We are チャチャ チャンプ!(WHEW... tututu YAH!)

HEY BOY What's up! エンジェル わっしょ~い!
SEE YOU バイバイ! サンキュー GOOD LUCK! HOU!

(English Lyrics)Edit

Hoo and Ssho I HEY BOY What's up! Angel!,

Achichi~tsu cake large explosion fluffy! (Never mind!), What fortune today? The storm Cloudy? (~ Seriously?), Glue soooo evil! Bored Bye Bye (whoo it!), Secretly! In Shiranpuri palliator (.... God),

Day of rest, Happy ~ ~ Notenki depressive mood!, Costume, Red lantern, I'd like to date!, Eh is your job, Hey!,

  1. The Shimae laughing and crawling over!,

The Shimae angry pervaded Poon!, The escape interact with ~ Sshi Sshi's husband SAY Sorry (Hey!), Imitate crying wandering there er, The loud laughter almost relieved Tsu Oh, Parallel and Pa Pa Pa ☆ Paradise Wasshoi,

Hoo and Ssho I HEY BOY What's up! Angel!,

Head sea urchin sea urchin simmering I (waited!), Encounter love luck ...... nice tomorrow? (Usso ~!), After frustrating and wham one shot (soooo good!), Bad! (It. Do you) I'll smile is also in such a case,

Sucrose or fun, Passion Mission High Tension, Vacation, Cancer Action, Over motion!, Brain muscle 's Hey, would be difficult, Ite!,

Ka~tsu His Excellency Kara urine, Ha ha Tsu Zowie is Gokigen!, The Ru eat even then - when the Tekkito al dente (Hui!), Innovation Que Sera Serasera, If you hit computer, Access pounding ☆ comfort radio waves and pin-pin-pin,

  1. Repeat,

Best in the world! We are Chacha Champ! (WHEW. .. tututu YAH!),

Hoo and Ssho I HEY BOY What's up! Angel!, SEE YOU bye-bye! Thank GOOD LUCK! HOU!,

Notes and referencesEdit

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